The contact importer and exporter plugin for the Kopano WebApp. See here for more details:
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Building the contact importer plugin from source:


Add JAVA_HOME (e.g. C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_161) to your path. Also add Ant, Composer, PHP and Java to the global PATH variable!

Compiling the plugin

Unzip (or use git clone) the sourcecode of Kopano WebApp to a new directory. In this README we call the source folder of WebApp "kopano-webapp-source".

Then generate the WebApp build utils:

cd kopano-webapp-source
ant tools

Next clone the plugin to the WebApp plugin directory:

cd kopano-webapp-source\plugins
git clone

Now lets build the plugin:

cd kopano-webapp-source\plugins\contactimporter\php
composer install
cd kopano-webapp-source\plugins\contactimporter
ant deploy

The compiled plugin is saved to kopano-webapp-source\deploy\plugins\contactimporter.

Installing the plugin

From compiled source

Copy the whole folder "contactimporter" to your production WebApp (kopano-webapp-production\plugins\contactimporter)

For example:

cp -r kopano-webapp-source\deploy\plugins\contactimporter kopano-webapp-production\plugins\

From precompiled download

Download the newest release from

Unzip the downloaded file and copy the plugin folder to your production WebApp.

For example:

cp -r Downloads\contactimporter kopano-webapp-production\plugins\


Edit the config.php file in the plugin root path to fit your needs.

Available configuration values:

Configuration Value Type Default Desctription
PLUGIN_CONTACTIMPORTER_USER_DEFAULT_ENABLE boolean false Set to true to enable the plugin for all users
PLUGIN_CONTACTIMPORTER_DEFAULT string "Kontakte" Default contact folder name (might be "Contacts" on english installations)
PLUGIN_CONTACTIMPORTER_TMP_UPLOAD string "/var/lib/kopano-webapp/tmp/" Temporary path to store uploaded v-Cards


The plugin add context menu entries to contact folders.

Plugin Context Menus