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Building the contact importer plugin for Zarafa WebApp:
## Building the contact importer plugin from source:
### Dependencies
- Kopano WebApp Source Code (
- PHP >= 5 (7 or higher recommended)
- composer (
- JDK 1.8 (
- ant (
Add JAVA_HOME (e.g. C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_161) to your path. Also add Ant, Composer, PHP and Java to the global PATH variable!
### Compiling the plugin
Unzip (or use git clone) the sourcecode of Kopano WebApp to a new directory. In this README we call the source folder of WebApp "kopano-webapp-source".
Then generate the WebApp build utils:
cd /zarafa/webapp/
cd kopano-webapp-source
ant tools
cd /zarafa/webapp/plugins/
Next clone the plugin to the WebApp plugin directory:
cd kopano-webapp-source\plugins
git clone
cd contactimporter
Now lets build the plugin:
cd kopano-webapp-source\plugins\contactimporter\php
composer install
cd kopano-webapp-source\plugins\contactimporter
ant deploy
Make sure to run "composer install" in the php directory!
The compiled plugin is saved to `kopano-webapp-source\deploy\plugins\contactimporter`.
## Installing the plugin
### From compiled source
Copy the whole folder "contactimporter" to your production WebApp (`kopano-webapp-production\plugins\contactimporter`)
For example:
cp -r kopano-webapp-source\deploy\plugins\contactimporter kopano-webapp-production\plugins\
### From precompiled download
Download the newest release from
Unzip the downloaded file and copy the plugin folder to your production WebApp.
For example:
cp -r Downloads\contactimporter kopano-webapp-production\plugins\
## Configuration
Edit the config.php file in the plugin root path to fit your needs.
Available configuration values:
| Configuration Value | Type | Default | Desctription |
| ------------- |:-------------:| ----- | ----- |
| PLUGIN_CONTACTIMPORTER_USER_DEFAULT_ENABLE | boolean | false | Set to true to enable the plugin for all users |
| PLUGIN_CONTACTIMPORTER_DEFAULT | string | "Kontakte" | Default contact folder name (might be "Contacts" on english installations) |
| PLUGIN_CONTACTIMPORTER_TMP_UPLOAD | string | "/var/lib/kopano-webapp/tmp/" | Temporary path to store uploaded v-Cards |
### Usage
Rightclick a contactfolder or contact entry to export it as vCard.
## Usage
Rightclick a contactfolder to import a vCard.
The plugin add context menu entries to contact folders.
Rightclick a vCard attachment to import it.
![Plugin Context Menus]( "Kopano Webapp Context Menu")